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Greetings All!

Samarah Fine Art is pleased to announce the release of,


by Rob Stern

From the artist...

Many of you know that I have been unable to get bark paper for a couple of years now and have used up what I have. This summer I had a show. Some wonderful clients attended this show and we discussed my bark paper dilemma. They put me in touch with their son Chris and he explained to me that he was very familiar with Mexico having lived there for several years. He speaks fluent Spanish and has extensive experience in dealing with the Mexican government and the people of Mexico.

Within a few days Chris was on a plane to Mexico City. San Pablito is a very small high mountain village about 160 miles northeast of Mexico City. It is so remote that most people on the road to San Pablito have never heard of it. Once in San Pablito Chris was able to find two quality bark paper makers, Federico and Margarita. We decided to commission them both for some paper.

San Pablito At A Distance

Federico preparing the bark                   Margarita with bark paper

Click below for more information on this extraordinary paper.

"Bark Paper"

Most bark paper sources here in America have discontinued carrying this beautiful product because it is getting harder and harder to get. I am so thankful to Chris and his folks for helping me locate a new source.

The image above is the drawing I will be using to create "Seven." Typically, these are never seen and they are destroyed upon completion of the edition. I have been asked numerous times about documenting the process so that people could understand it more clearly. So I have decided to release this piece before publication and offer a special pre-publication price. After that I will be posting pictures and updates on my website while making announcements through this newsletter I will be showing the various stages of progression. Next will be the creation of separations and stencils. After that we'll prep the paper for press time and chronicle each color as it is layered onto the paper. The next stages will include tearing and burning of the edges
and, finally, each piece is glazed and marked.

My pre-publicated price will be available until Christmas. There will be an unframed price, a framed price and a special price for any who
have collected my work in the past.

"Seven" is a 13 color hand pulled mixed media serigraph on hand made bark paper. There will be 11 proofs and 27 edition pieces. "Seven" measures 25 inches by 50 inches. It is the largest piece I have ever done. This is a piece I have been working on for some time. I have been tinkering with the drawing above for over a year and I am excited to finally see it come to life.

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We wish you all the very best this Holiday Season

Sandy, Katie, LeAnn, Shelby and Rob

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