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    Carol Alleman

Carol Alleman began her sculptural artistic visions in clay; later expanding to include the lost wax casting in bronze. Eighteen years later she continues to passionately embrace the alchemistic nature of this ageless material and highly crafted process while working primarily in bronze. Her first bronze vessel, Miracles marked her transition into this new medium; and thus began the mystical and organic Tree of Life and Nature Vessel Series. This transition mirrored, to her, the longevity and ever changing character of nature as the bronze material holds inherent longevity characteristics and the patinas are ever, even if softly, always changing - not unlike the seasons themselves and the seasons of ones life. Her signature, museum-quality work encompasses highly evolved, intricate patinas and vast cut-out areas each within the ancient vessel form. The essence of infinity symbolic to the circular vessel form, while open to both receive and pour forth, is a powerful essence for Carol. Companion Writings accompany each bronze - sharing the inspiration of each piece as she received it and typically includes a poem. The inspiration she shares invites the viewer/reader too deeply and genuinely consider one aspect or another of the incessantly wise Voice of nature. She hopes and expects each piece to continue to speak to its caretaker, with a changing voice within each new season of their life - the writing intended as a seed which will continue to grow. Combining the written word with her growing forest of bronze vessels, Carol additionally inspires audiences through her presentations and poetry readings.

Born in rural Pennsylvania, Carol Alleman obtained her degree in Art Education from the Pennsylvania State University (PA/USA) and continued graduate studies at the Lancaster Theological Seminary (PA/USA). Most recently, she has completed studies with various contemporary artists at the Scottsdale Artist School, Scottsdale, Arizona. She is an elected Signature Member of American Women Artists, and a past member, for more than a decade, of International Artists for Conservation. She has completed numerous commissions, exhibits widely across North America including many museums and has earned awards in many juried shows, while appreciating an international collector base. Her work is held in the permanent collections of The Tucson Museum of Art and the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

Carol's commitment too conservation, and in particular our vital pollinators, continues to swell becoming more and more evident in her work each year. She holds a particular caring for the future of our honeybees, evident in the fine detail of her Nature's Bounty vessel of white clover and a single, tiny honeybee.

2019 THE SHEMER ART CENTER and MUSEUM, Phoenix, AZ, Mini Masterpieces; In Vino Veritas I and Reality
2019 THE MESA CONTEMPORARY ARTS MUSEUM, Mesa, AZ, 40th Annual Crafts Exhibition; Love Blooms
2018 THE TUCSON MUSEUM OF ART, Tucson, AZ Arizona Biennial Bash Exhibition; Maple Joys
2018 HAGGIN MUSEUM, Stockton, CA; American Women Artists Illuminate the Haggin; Womb of Life
2018 SHEMER ART CENTER AND MUSEUM, Phoenix, AZ; Arizona’s Desert Beauty; Seeds of Harmony and Graceful One
2018 BROWNSVILLE MUSEUM OF ART, Brownsville, TX 46th International Exhibition; Remembering Gratitude and Serenity (on bronze base)
2018 MESA MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART; Mesa, AZ 30th Annual Crafts Exhibition; Twilight Stars
2017 TUCSON DESERT ART MUSEUM; Tucson, AZ, American Women Artists Master/Signature Exhibition; Under a Vast Sky; Celestial Joy
2017 OLD WEST MUSEUM; Cheyenne, WY; Frontier Days, Twilight Stars, Love Blooms, Quiet Blessing
2016 JACKSONVILLE UNIVERSITY MUSEUM, Jacksonville, AL; 5x5x5; Mighty Oak
2016 SONORA DESERT MUSEUM; Tucson, AZ; Artists for Conservation; Love Blooms
2015 TUCSON DESERT ART MUSEUM, Tucson, AZ; Empire 100; Marriage of Spirit
2015 GILCREASE MUSEUM, Tulsa, OK; Collectors Reserve, Serenity and Twilight Stars
2015/2016 TEMPE CENTER FOR THE ARTS; Tempe, AZ ; Green & Gray; Transitions II, Woodland Queens, Celestial Joy, Trinity, Gratitude, Graceful One, Seeds of Harmony, Twilight Stars, Illusion of Complexity, Montage Abundance, and three originals in clay prior to casting: Gratitude, Miracles, and Trillium
2014 MUSEUM OF TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY; Lubbock, TX; Art on the Llano Estado; Twilight Stars, Seasons, Womb of Life, Trillium, and Ginkgo: Seed of Hope
2014 BOOTH WESTERN ART MUSEUM, Cartersville, GA; American Women Artists; Prevailing Winds; Ginkgo: Seed of Hope
2014 CORNELL MUSEUM OF ART; Delray Beach, FL, Garden of Promises
2012 THE INDIANAPOLIS MUSEUM OF ART, Indianapolis, Indiana, Remembering Gratitude, part of permanent collection of restoration and conservation pieces supporting research regarding how conservation intervenes with aging processes of fine art
2011 and 2012 NATIONAL MUSEUM OF WOMEN IN THE ARTS; Washington, D.C.; Gala Events, Gratitude and Womb of Life
2011 STICKLEY MUSEUM, Morris Plains, NJ Trunk Show; Ripe Abundance (framed), Possibilities, Trillium, Mighty Oak, The Seed, Remembering Gratitude, Seen and Unseen, You are a Branch of the Tree of Life, and Maple Joys
2008 CHILDREN'S MUSEUM; Tucson, AZ, Possibilities

2018 The Tucson Museum of Art acquired Graceful One for inclusion in their permanent collection
2017 Marilyn Newmark Foundation Award for Best Sculpture Done in an Academic Manner; American Women Artists Master/Signature Exhibition, Tucson Desert Art Museum
2017 25th Anniversary Mark Sublette/Medicine Man Gallery; Hardcover book
2016 37th Annual Mini-Works, Jacksonville State University, AL. Mighty Oak earned Groover Studio Award.
2016 Nature Inspired, Spring 2016 Edition, Book published by Nature Inspired Anthologies
2015 First Place Award, Gilcrease Museum Collectors Reserve, Tulsa, OK Twilight Stars
2015 Four Points Contemporary Biannual Competition, Honorable Mention, Ginkgo: Seed of Hope
2014 American Women Artists Signature Member Show, Bronze Award, Seeds of Harmony
2014 Western Art & Architecture Magazine, Illuminations, Aug/Sept
2014 Juried Legacy Art Exhibit, South Easton, MA Honorable Mention, Mighty Oak
2014 Four Points Contemporary Competition; Two Merit Awards; Celestial Joy, Illusion of Complexity
2013 American Women Artists, 16th Annual Member Show and National Juried Competition, Award of Merit, Remembering Gratitude
2013 Manhattan Arts International "Celebrate the Healing Power of Art", Award of Excellence, Womb of Life
2013 The Art League of Hilton Head's 2013 Biennale, 1st Place Award in 3D Category; Seeds of Harmony
2013 Arabella Magazine Fabulous Finds Summer Issue
2012 Artists for Conservation 2012 Hardcover Book, International Exhibit of Nature in Art
2012 Best Sculpture Done in a Realistic and Academic Manner, 2012 American Women Artists National Juried Exhibit; In Vino Veritas I
2012 Merit Award Winner, Hudson Gallery NOW WOW Project II
2012 Artists for Conservation 2011 Hardcover Book, International Exhibit of Nature in Art
2012 Wildscape Magazine, An International journal of Wildlife Art & Conservation; Featured Article
2012 First Place Award, "International Miniature Art Show", Seaside Art Gallery, Nags Head, NC; Trillium
2012 Gallery Choice Award, Women's Works, "25th Annual International Exhibition of Women's Art" Woodstock, ILL; Remembering Gratitude
2011 Luxe Design + Interiors Magazine, Fall 2011 Issue Featured Artist
2011 Arabella, Canadian Art, Architecture and Design Magazine, 2011 Autumn Issue, Fabulous Finds
2007 A Montage of Masterworks, The Redfern Gallery
2007 Phoenix Home and Garden, IDEA House Publication
2006 Southwest Art, December issue, "Vases and Vessels" and "Start Your Collection"
2006 Phoenix Home & Garden Magazine, November Issue, Guest Artist Feature Article
2006 Celebrating Thirty Years, The Redfern Gallery
2005 Southwest Art, Artists to Watch
2005 Industry Award, Sculptural Pursuit Annual Competition
2005 Art Calendar - Cover
2005 Ministry & Liturgy Magazine - feature BENE Award article
2004 BENE Award, Ministry & Liturgy Annual Visual Arts Award, San Jose, CA

2019 Shemer Art Center and Museum, Phoenix, AZ Mini Masterpieces Exhibition
2019 Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum, Mesa, AZ; 40th Annual Crafts Exhibition
2018 Tucson Museum of Art Biennial Bash Exhibition and Sale; Tucson, AZ
2018 Shemer Art Center and Museum; Phoenix, AZ; Arizona's Desert Beauty
2018 Overland Park, KS; Above Beyond By Design
2018 Haggin Museum of Art, Stockton, CA; Full Sun: American Women Artists Illuminate the Haggin
2018 Brownsville Museum of Art, Brownsville, TX; 46th International Exhibition
2018 Seaside Art Gallery, Nags Head, NC 27th International Miniature Art Show
2018 Overland Park; Overland Park, KS; Art at the Center Juried Exhibition
2018 Mesa Museum of Contemporary Art, 39th Annual Crafts Exhibition, Mesa, AZ
2017 Mountain Oyster Club Annual Art Show, Tucson, AZ
2017 American Women Artists Master and Signature 2017 Exhibition; Tucson Desert Art Museum, Tucson, AZ
2017 Viewpoint 49, Cincinnati, Ohio
2017 Topeka Competition 33; Topeka Kansas
2017 The Broadmoor Gallery, Broadmoor Hotel, Colorado Springs, CO; Group Sculpture Show
2017 Lincoln Gallery, Loveland, CO; TVAL Show
2017 Mark Sublett/Medicine Man Gallery; 25th Anniversary Group Show, Tucson, AZ
2017 Old West Museum; Frontier Days Exhibition, Cheyenne, WY
2017 Artists for Conservation, Through February 4, 2017; Sonora Desert Museum, Tucson, AZ
2016 Artists for Conservation, Sonora Desert Museum, Tucson, AZ
2016 Reconsidered Landscape, Perry & Carlson, Mount Vernon, WA
2016 5x5x5 Competition, River Oaks Square Arts Center, Alexandria, LA
2016 Studio Channel Islands, Abundance, Camarillo, CA
2016 Bank of the Arts Juried Exhibition, New Bern, NC
2016 National Parks-Personal Narratives, Phipps Center for the Arts, Hudson WI
2016 Artists for Conservation, Annual Exhibit Live and Traveling, Vancouver, BC
2016 American Women Artists Masters and Signature Exhibit, Bennington, VT
2016 Tree of Life Juried Exhibition, Costa Mesa, CA
2016 Appalachian Nature Art, Juried Exhibition, Cumberland MD
2016 Five x Five x Five, Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, AL
2016 Liturgical and Sacred Art Juried Exhibition, Springfield, IL
2016 29th Annual Women's Works Juried Exhibition; Woodstock IL
2016 Above and Beyond - By Design Juried Exhibition; Overland Park, KS
2015 Tempe Center for the Arts, Green and Gray; Tempe AZ (Retrospective)
2015 Gilcrease Museum, Collector's Reserve Invitational, Tulsa, OK
2015 Artists for Conservation Annual Member Exhibition, Vancouver, BC
2015 Legacy Juried Art Exhibition, North Easton MA
2015 Seaside Miniature International Art Exhibition, Nags Head, NC
2015 Empire 100 Juried Exhibition, Tucson Desert Art Museum, Tucson AZ
2015 Women's Works 2015, 28th Annual International, Woodstock, IL
2015 Four Points Contemporary Biannual Competition
2014 Mountain Oyster Club, 2014 Art Exhibit, Tucson AZ
2014 American Women Artists 2014 Signature and Master Signature Member Exhibit, Booth Western Art Museum, GA
2014 Kudos International Juried Exhibition, 10th Annual
2014 Four Points Contemporary 3rd BiAnnual, Texas
2014 Blanche Ames National Exhibition, North Easton, MA
2014 Juried Legacy Art Exhibit, Governor Ames Estate, South Easton, MA
2014 LCAA National Juried Exhibition, Lancaster County Art Association, Strasburg, PA
2014 American Women Artist 17th Annual Member Show, Addison Art Gallery, Orleans, MA
2014 Chicago International Art, Antique and Jewelry Show, Shown By Oliver & Espig Gallery, Chicago IL
2014 Art on the Llano Estacado Art Exhibition, Museum of Texas Tech University, TX
2014 Balance, Herberger Theater, Phoenix AZ
2014 Cornell Museum National Juried Exhibition, Cornell Musuem, Del Ray Beach, FL
2013 Four Points Contemporary, Texas Online Exhibition
2013 Topeka Competition 31, Alice C. Sabatini Gallery, Topeka, Kansas
2013 American Women Artist 16th Annual Members Show and National Juried Competition, RS Hanna Gallery, Fredericksburg, Texas
2013 Art Kudos National Juried Art Competition and Exhibition
2013 Blanche Ames National Juried Exhibit, North Easton, MA
2013 Artist for Conservation, 2013 Annual Juried Exhibit
2013 Manhattan Arts International, Celebrate the Healing Power of Art, Juried Exhibition
2013 American Women Artists Juried On-Line 2013 Exhibition
2013 33rd Annual Egyptian Event, Pyramid Society, Lexington, Kentucky
2013 22nd International Miniature Art Show, Seaside Gallery, Nags Head, NC
2013 The Art League of Hilton Head's 2013 Biennale Juried Exhibition, Walter Greer Gallery, Hilton Head Island, SC
2013 Winter Expo 2013, Infinity Art Gallery
2013 12x12 Exhibit, Middle Tennessee State University Todd Art Gallery, Murfreesboro, TN
2012 Hudson Gallery, the NOW WOW project, II, Sylvania, OH
2012 Artist for Conservation Signature Member Exhibition, Vancouver, BC
2012 American Women Artists 15th Annual Juried Competition Exhibition, Tubac, AZ
2012 Blanche Ames National Art Exhibition, North Easton, MA
2012 Art Kudos International Juried Art Competition and Exhibition
2012 Women's Works, "25th Annual International Exhibition of Women's Art" Woodstock, IL,
2012 Seaside Exhibit, "International Miniature Art Show"" Outer Banks, NC
2012 25th Anniversary Spring Gala,National Museum of Women In the Arts, Washington DC
2011 Stickley Museum Trunk Show, In support of the museum at the Craftman Farms, Morris Plains NJ
2011 Art for Heart, Appalachian Service Project Fundraiser, Grandview United Methodist Church, Lancaster PA
2011 Art Kudos International Juried Art Competition and Exhibition
2011 Annual Spring Gala, National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington DC
2011 20th Annual International Miniature Show, Seaside Art Gallery, Nags Head, NC
2011 Sacred Messages, Herberger Theater Center, Phoenix AZ
2010 Art for Heart, Appalachian Service Project Fundraiser, Grandview United Methodist Church, Lancaster PA
2010 Feast for the Beasts!, Tucson Zoological Society, Tucson AZ
2010 Jerome Beillard Festival for Life, Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation (SAAF), Tucson AZ
2010 Carol Alleman and Maurice Sevigny, Two-Person Exhibition, Northern Trust, Tucson AZ
2009 Art for Heart, Appalachian Service Project Fundraiser, Grandview United Methodist Church, Lancaster PA
2009 6th Annual Flavors of Tucson, Desert Southwest American Liver Foundation, Tucson AZ
2009 18th International Miniature Show, Seaside Art Gallery, Nags Head NC
2009 Gravity Exhibit, Herberger Theater Center, Phoenix AZ
2009 Singularity Exhibit, Herberger Theater Center, Phoenix AZ
2008 Art for Heart, Appalachian Service Project Fundraiser, Grandview United Methodist Church, Lancaster PA
2008 Jerome Beillard Festival for Life, Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation (SAAF), Tucson AZ
2008 Family Fun Brunch Silent Auction, Tucson Children's Museum (TCM), Tucson AZ
2008 Ongoing Exhibit, Arizona Cancer Center Clinic, University Medical Center (UMC), Tucson AZ
2008 17th International Miniature Show, Seaside Art Gallery, Nags Head, NC
2008 SculptureWalk 2008, Sioux Falls SD
2008 Garden of the Soul Group Exhibit, Herberger Theater Center, Phoenix AZ
2007 American Women Artists 2007 National Juried Competition, LeKAE Gallery, Scottsdale AZ
2007 Invited Artist, Sculpture in the Park, Loveland High Plains Art Council, Loveland CO
2007 Visions & Alchemy, Two-Person Show with Cary Henrie, Meyer-Milagros Gallery, Jackson Hole WY
2007 Idea House, Phoenix Home and Garden 2007 Idea House, Talking Rock AZ
2007 16th International Miniature Show, Seaside Art Gallery, Nags Head, NC
2006 One-Person Show, Willow Gallery, USA, Scottsdale AZ
2006 10th Annual Sacred Art Exhibit, Box Heart Gallery, Pittsburgh PA
2006 Two-Person Show, Meyer-Milagros Gallery, Jackson Hole WY
2006 Invited Artist, Sculpture in the Park 2006, Loveland High Plains Art Council, Loveland CO
2006 15th International Miniature Show, Seaside Art Gallery, Nags Head NC
2005 Mighty Oak presented to Noble Peace Prize Winner, Wangari Maathai, Tree People, Beverly Hills CA
2005 Two- Person Show, Meyer-Milagros Gallery, Jackson Hole WY
2005 Invited Artist, Sculpture in the Park 2005, Loveland High Plains Art Council Loveland, CO
2005 Solo Show, The Redfern Gallery, Laguna Beach CA
2005 Group Show, Rhodes Stringfellow Fine Art, Cannon Beach OR
2005 Greater Midwest International Exhibit XX, CMSU, MO
2005 Three - Person Show, Meyer Gallery, Park City UT
2005 Parkland Gallery, Champaign IL
2004 Director's Choice, Artspace / Virginia Miller Galleries, Coral Gables FL
2004 Group Show, New Masters Gallery, Carmel CA
2004 Invited Artist, Sculpture in the Park 2004, Loveland High Plains Art Council, Loveland CO
2004 Group Show, Rhodes Stringfellow Fine Art, Cannon Beach OR
2004 Two - Woman Show, Meyer Gallery, Park City UT
2003 Group Show, Rhodes Stringfellow Fine Art, Cannon Beach OR
2003 Invited Artist, Sculpture in the Park 2003, Loveland High Plains Art Council, Loveland CO
2003 Contemporary Works of Faith, Liturgical Art Guild, Columbus OH
2002 American Women Artists, Santa Fe, NM
2002 St. John's International School, Brussels, Belgium
1999 Shemer Gallery and Museum of Art, Phoenix AZ
1998 Tubac Center for the Arts, Tubac AZ
1998 Tucson-Pima Arts Council, Tucson AZ
1997 Tubac Center for the Arts, Tubac AZ
1996 Tubac Center for the Arts, Tubac AZ

2011 Private Commission, Celestial Joy
2010 Private Commission, Voice of Wisdom
2007 Private Commission, Ginkgo: Seed of Hope (pair)
2004 Montage Resort & Spa Laguna Beach, Laguna Beach, CA and The Redfern Gallery, Infinity (pair)
2003 The Redfern Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA, Transitions II

2009 Artist Talk / Poetry Reading and Exhibition, Bottoms Art Galleries presents Bella Arte Events, Santa Barbara CA
2009 Private Collection Viewing and Intimate Talk, McLean VA
2007 Artist Talk and Prose Reading, Meyer-Milagros Gallery, Jackson Hole, WY

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    Joseph Alleman aws, nws

For artist Joseph Alleman, an important motive to paint lies in understanding his surroundings. "I'm visually compelled by various forms of shape, value, pattern, etc. Through the process of painting, I gain new and deeper insight into my subject and its surroundings as these elements combine and communicate."

Working in watercolor and oil, Joseph Alleman's paintings have become recognized and collected for their visionary portrayals of the Contemporary American West. As a signature member of the American and National Watercolor Societies, his work is exhibited regularly through gallery, juried, and invitational shows, and has been featured in numerous books and magazines both nationally and internationally.

Residing in Northern Utah, Joseph finds a great deal of inspiration in the regions land, towns, and people which make it unique. "There is a beauty within the everyday and ordinary that only painting can reveal. I'm drawn to these subjects in hopes of making and sharing such discoveries."

"The artistic lens through which northern Utah artist Joseph Alleman sees and portrays the landscape is one that exposes the unadorned essence of a scene. Quiet and brooding in tone, his paintings capture the spartan silhouettes of the subjects...scenes that recall our connection with the land and life, captured in moments of stillness." -Watercolor Artist magazine

"...Alleman approaches his canvases with a contemporary eye and traditional technique enhanced by an innate maturity and evocative sense of time and place that have drawn comparisons to Hopper and Wyeth." -Southwest Art magazine

"When Joseph Alleman paints a barn, he's not just painting four walls and a roof...he's marking a place in the universe, and he's time-stamping it with his brush, forever committing that moment, however brief it may have been, to a canvas that will likely outlive him and all who see it." -American Art Collector magazine

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   Rett Ashby

Artist Biography
Born in 1961 in the small town of Rigby Idaho and soon after relocated to Roy, Utah. His earliest artistic influence came from his mother, Sandra Ashby, a professional watercolorist, from whom he learned the basics of fine art. Rett continues to experiment and hone his own style. He's influenced by textures, his surroundings and the hard and soft lines found in landscapes. The art of music has also influenced his artwork. He creates hidden melody lines along the painting's horizon lines. He's also been framing his own artwork and the artwork of others for over three decades. Rett views the frame as a part of the art piece and harmonizes the painting and frame. Rett currently lives in Provo, Utah with his wife Pauline.

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   Bye Bitney

At 5 years old, Bye Bitney, visited Hugh Hockaday's art studio and left amazed and in wonder at the life that Hugh had created for himself and his family. Years later and with much effort, Bye would go on to form a very similiar life as an artist on the shores of Flathead Lake where he currently lives with his wife, Kay and two kids. Bye was larger self taught as a painter and in due time formed an original style. Growing up on Flathead Lake, Bye naturally took to all things boats and soon was learning how to sail. His love for boats naturally transitioned into drawing and painting them and says, "I think I can paint the shape and the mood of boats with some authority and although technically I might not know all the details, I take some pride in perhaps catching the emotion of a particular boat."

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   Brandon Cook

I prefer process over accuracy.
I prefer to let the painting evolve through risk, through effort, through play, through frustration, through sensation, through recollections and a reconciling of opposites.
I prefer my painting to be a record of the internal instead of the external, not to imitate a fixed surface reality, but render a spirit and movement.
I prefer to always seek creative knowledge that is transformative and universal through the process of art making.

2010 Rose Wagner Arts Center, One-Person Show, Salt Lake City, UT
2008 Ventana Fine Art Gallery, One-person Show, Santa Fe, NM
2006 A Gallery, One-person Show, Salt Lake City, UT
2005 Tucker Gallery, Two-person Show, Chicago, IL
2005 Ventana Fine Art, Two-person Show, Santa Fe NM
2004 Piñon Fine Art Gallery, One-person Show, Denver CO
2004 Meyer Gallery, Tonalist Invitational, Scottsdale, AZ
2004 Coda Gallery, New York City, NY
2003 Cherry Creek Arts Festival, CO
2003 Mountain Trails, Jackson Hole, WY
2003 Eccles Art Center, One-person Show, UT
2003 Springville Art Salon, UT
2002 Southwest Art Magazine, "Artist to Watch;" May
2002 35x35 Artists Under 35 Years of Age, UT
2002 Eccles Statewide Competition, UT
2002 Traces of the West, Second Place, UT
2002 Color of the Land, Deseret Competition, UT
2002 Art and Soup, UT
2001 Art Form, Two-person Show, UT
2000 Park City Arts Festival, UT

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   Brent Cotton

Born 1972, Brent Cotton is an award winning, nationally recognized artist living in the Bitterroot valley of western Montana. He prefers to paint in the Tonalist/Luminist style made popular in the late 1800's, seeking to create works that are mood-evoking and have a timeless quality. His work can be found in many private and corporate collections throughout the country.

An avid outdoorsman Brent can often be found standing in one of the local rivers with a fly rod in his hand or on the oars of his drift boat. The close proximity to some amazing blue ribbon trout streams is one of the many reasons he and his family make their home in the Bitterroot valley of Montana. This passion has led Brent to focus on sporting art, particularly fly-fishing as a common theme in his work.

He is represented by several galleries across the nation and participates in some of the most prestigious museum exhibitions throughout the year.

Selected Exhibitions
2012-2014 National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, Prix de West, Oklahoma City, OK
2007 Birger Sandzen Memorial Gallery & Museum, Lindsborg, KS
2006 Bennington Center for the Arts, Artists for the New Century, Bennington, VT
2005 Oil Painters of America
2003 Arts for the Parks, Jackson Hole, WY, 199

Selected Press
2012 Southwest Art Magazine, October
2011 Art of the West, July-August
2011 Western Art Collector, August
2010 Western Art Collector, July
2008 Western Art Collector, April
2006 Artist Magazine, "The Future of Realism" February
2004 Southwest Art Magazine, February
2006 Art of the West: May-June

Prix de West Society
Russell Skull Society of Artists

Private Collections
Oprah Winfrey
Tom Brokaw
Brent Musberger

2012 Western Rendezvous of Art, Award of Excellence
2012 Western Rendezvous of Art, People's Choice Award
2009 Oil Painters of America, Award of Excellence
2005 CM Russell Museum, CEO Award, Great Falls, MT
2003 Arts for the Parks top 100, People's Choice
2003 Arts for the Parks top 100, Region 3 Award
2001 Glacier National Park, Artist in Residence
1997 Arts for the Parks, Top 100

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   Robert Coombs

As a young boy, Robert Coombs had received one of the most exciting presents he could remember - a set of watercolor paints. He was so anxious to use them that he quickly grabbed a pad of paper and sat down to paint anything he could find. It ended up being a bowl of fruit and he applied the paint straight out of the tube as thick as toothpaste. The paint cracked and fell off within a matter of days and Robert was out of paint. He didn't let it get him down and was determined to find out how to make a painting. Such has been the ongoing struggle for him to become an artist - a series of trial and error, of discovery and exhilaration, hope and determination.

Growing up in Salt Lake City, his continuing fascination with art landed him a scholarship at Utah State University in Logan, Utah where he received a BFA in Illustration in 2000 . Under the tutelage of Glen Edwards he learned to carry a sketchbook everywhere he went. It has since taught him to observe and record those events and experiences that inspire and stir emotion.
One of the most profound events for the artist occurred in late 1994 when he viewed the original works of Edwin Austin Abbey's Shakespearean subjects on display at the Museum of Art at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. It was the first exhibit of a master artist Coombs had attended and it guided his future. "For the first time in my life I could actually feel the emotional impact and power that painting could impart. I decided to seek after those attributes in my own work."

Through countless hours of personal study scouring through books at the library and painting from life, Robert has developed a method of painting from the heart. "There are certain visual things, usually very simple, that trigger an emotional response within me and within others. It may be a gesture, a shape, a color or any number of things. What is important is that it invokes a response within me. My desire then, is to try to recognize and capture that element which has stirred my soul, as feeble as my attempts may be, in the hope that it may be experienced by another and ultimately lift them in a positive way."

During his study in higher education Robert also worked as a creative artist illustrating book covers. It may have lengthened the time it took to graduate but it gave him valuable experience and allowed him to develop a painterly approach in his work. It also provided an opportunity for him to cultivate friendships that would eventually lead to a path in fine art.

Following his graduation, Coombs has affiliated with three galleries in the west. He has gratefully enjoyed numerous successful group and solo shows annually. He became a member of Oil Painters of America in 2005 and won the "Hunter Editions Award of Excellence" selected by Dan Gerhartz. The following year he won the best of show "American National Award of Excellence" selected by Peter Adams. One month later he was awarded the $10,000 grand prize in Raymar's First Annual Fine Art Competition which was judged by Kevin Macpherson and Joe Anna Arnett. He is thankful to be an artist in such a wonderful time in history with a sincere hope of being a positive influence on others.

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   Mark Gibson

Mark Gibson is a native Montanan who was born in Helena and raised in Missoula. He received his first set of oils from his mother when he was only 12 years old. Mark attended Montana State University on a scholarship and studied architecture. He also took classes on figure drawing and later studied watercolor with Hazel Foley for many years until he switched to oil painting in 1998. In the summer of 2003, Mark attended a Jim Wilcox workshop in Jackson Hole, WY, where he studied plein air painting with the talented landscape artist. Currently, Mark studies photographs and paints with local artists.

The most recent highlight of Mark's artistic career was spending time with Tucker Smith at his home. He received critiques and spent hours reviewing books as well as looking at the well known artist's work.

The western lifestyle Mark enjoys is reflected in his subject matter. He is an avid fly fisherman and spends many weeks a year packing mules and horses. Exploring Montana's back country is one of Mark's favorite pastimes. Mark currently lives in Lolo Montana with his wife Lisa, daughter Josie and son Cal.

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   Trent Gudmundsen

(born 1978 in California, USA) grew up in a small Utah farming community where he began oil painting at the age of 14. He later attended college on a full-tuition art scholarship, and left early to paint on his own.

Trent's work has now been recognized with top awards on a national level including at two Oil Painters of America National Exhibitions, and in publications in books and magazines including Southwest Art as both a "21 Under 31" artist in 2003, and with a full-length feature in August 2010.

The artist's mostly-figurative paintings balance traditional elements and themes with a very contemporary approach, often simplifying parts of the painting down to just graphic blocks of color, and other times by subduing and "de-constructing" the edges of figures until they almost meld with the background. Trent and his wife Lorajean and their 5 children live and make art near the Utah-Idaho border.

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   Harry Koyama

Born and raised in Hardin, Montana, began his formal art training at Montana State University, Billings, graduating in 1972. Since that time, Harry's award-winning artwork has been shown and collected extensively.

A full-time painter, Koyama concentrates on immortalizing subjects of the American West, utilizing his passion for impressionism to create dramatic artwork with the use of the painting knife and a bold color scheme.

Harry is a regular contributor to numerous charities and fundraisers including Ronald McDonald House Charities, The University of Montana Rodeo Team, Big Brothers Big Sisters, ZooMontana, Boys and Girls Club, Parents Let's Unite For Kids, Northern Rockies Radiation Oncology Center, Rocky Mountain College Student Scholarship Fund, Montana State University Billings Foundation, and more.

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   Robert Krogle

American painter, was born in Santa Monica, California. After high school Robert applied to Chouinard Art Institute of Los Angeles and was accepted but after two years was called to duty by the California Army National Guard. He spent five and a half months in Vietnam and was awarded the bronze star and purple heart for his service. Upon returning to civilian life, Robert completed his last two years of art education in 1970.

Within a year of graduation Robert was working at Rosenfeld, Palombi and Dilts, an art studio in downtown Los Angeles. He illustrated for many prestigious companies such as Microsoft, Continental Airlines and Mattel toys. In 1973 he decided to start his own studio, freelancing for the movie, recording and theme park industries. During his 31 years as a top illustrator Robert had representation in Los Angeles, Denver, San Francisco, Chicago, New York and Atlanta and has received many awards from the Los Angeles and New York Societies of Art. He has lectured at Long Beach State University, Laguna School of Fine Art and has been a guest instructor at Art Center School of Design in Pasadena, California.

In 1992 Robert moved to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Within a few years of moving to Coeur d'Alene, Robert decided to make the predictable transition from commercial art to fine art. He wanted to continue to evolve as a creative person and continue to draw inspiration from his fellow artists and his natural surroundings.

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   Shanna Kunz

As a contemporary landscape painter, my work is a conscious play of mood, light and color, but as a naturalist raised and rooted in the diverse landscapes of western America, a painting means more than that to me. Each location is an encounter with the land, the trees, and the waters that have always given me a sense of connection and order. When a location intrigues and inspires me, I will paint the scene into a series using a range of keys or themes, experimenting and searching to learn more about the natural threads that tie the landscape together with complexity, subtlety and, more importantly, balance. I look for new ways to express spatial relationships and distance with layers of paint, brushwork, gradations, and diffusions of light. Hopefully, my study of the landscape will bring me somewhat closer to an honest translation, of both soul and land, as I push color and value into new compositions and continue a lifelong effort to communicate the emotional connection I feel with my environment.

Featured Articles
Southwest Art Magazine, Feature article Feb. 2018
Western Art & Architecture, Ones to Watch Oct/Nov 2017
Western Art Collector - article 2018
Plein Air Magazine - Feature Article, December 2016
Outdoor Painter, August 2016
Fine Art Tips of the Masters, North Light Publication
Southwest Art Magazine - May, 2013 article
American Art Collector - April, 2013 article
Western Art Collector - May 2012 article
Southwest Art Magazine - August 2010 feature article, A Tireless Pursuit
Western Art Collector - August 2010 article, December 2010
Western Art Collector - December 2009 feature article
American Art Collector - September 2009 article
Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine - Painting Nature Now, October, 2007
American Artist Magazine - June 2007 , Feature 14 page article
Western Art Magazine - Premier Issue 2007
Artist to Watch - October Issue 2003, Southwest Art Magazine
Juried Awards & Shows
Mockingbird Gallery, Two Person Show, May 2018
American Impressionist Society Exhibit/member 2016, panel member
Zion National Park Plein Air Invitational 2017, 2018
Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painter Art for the Parks 2016, 2017
Olmsted Plein Air Exhibit & Sale, Atlanta, GA 2017
Maynard Dixon Country, Exhibit and Symposium Panel 2018
Plein Air Magazine Salon, Third Place Overall 2015 April/May
C. M. Russell Auction and Sale, Great Falls, MT March 2015
Maynard Dixon Camp Out, Mt. Carmel, UT May 2015, 2016
National Stock Show - Coors Show Club Artist 2014
Mountain Song Gallery - Carmel, CA - Powered by Nature Invitational - Apr 2013
Western Masters Invitational - Mar 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
Sedona Plein Air Invitational 2013
Art in Embassy Exhibit, Kuwait
Scottsdale Salon of Fine Art - April 2011, April 2012
Maynard Dixon Country Invitational 2010 - Guest Artist
Jackson Wildlife Museum Western Visions Miniature Show 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
Raymar Art Competition Finalist Dec 2010, Mar 2011
Mountain Trails Gallery, Park City - Solo Exhibit Dec. 2009, 2010, 2011
Kneeland Gallery, - Three Person Gallery 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
Oil Painters of America Western Regional Exhibit 2009
Paint the Parks Exhibition and Competition 2009
Contemporary Art of the American West Invitational, Palm Springs, 2008
Jackson Fall Arts Festival Quickdraw Participant 2007, 2008, 2009
Artists of the New Century, Bennington Ctr for Arts - Fine Art Connoiseur Award 2006
Meyer Gallery, Park City, UT - Two person exhibit, February 2007, 2008
Kneeland Gallery, Ketchum, ID Plein Air Exhibit August,2004 - 2013
Mountain Trails Gallery, Palm Desert, CA - Solo Exhibit 2006
Meyer Gallery, Park City, UT - Solo Exhibit, February 2005, 2006, 2007
Kneeland Gallery - Three Person Show, March 2005, 2006
Tucker Gallery, Chicago, IL - Two Person Exhibit, April 2005, 2006
Meyer Gallery, Jackson, WY - Solo Exhibit, July 2004, 2005
Kneeland Gallery - Plein Air Invitational Show, August 2004, 2005, 2006
Meyer Gallery, Scottsdale AZ - The Color of Mood, Invitational Exhibit, May 2004
Principle Gallery, Alexandria VA - Two Person Show, April 2004
Meyer Gallery, Park City, UT - Two Person Show, Feb. 2004
Kneeland Gallery - Three Person Show, Feb. 2004
Meyer Gallery, Jackson, WY - Two Person Show, 2003, 2004
Howard/Mandville 13th Annual Miniature Show, November, 2003 - Kirkland, WA
Meyer Gallery, Park City, UT - Two Person Show, December 2002

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   Tara Moore

Oils on canvas with the use of a palette knife Tara Moore works to create spontaneous impressionism of horses, cowboys, and wildlife in action.

Career highlights since moving from Maryland to Montana in 1995 include winning the 2007 RALPH TUFFY BERG MEMORIAL AWARD at the C.M. Russell Auction and Exhibition and being one of six impressionists in the Hockaday Museum of the Arts' "Paint Outside the Lines" 2006 Show.

Moore was the featured artist at the Montana Cowboy Poetry Gathering and a featured artist with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. Numerous charity auctions and quick-draw events with the Hockaday Museum, the C.M. Russell Museum (including THE RUSSELL), the Whitefish Community Foundation, and the Montana Land Reliance have been important and rewarding.

Moore continuously displays her work in invitational group shows sponsored by galleries and museums around the U.S.A. such as the 2015 ICONS OF THE WEST exhibit at the Dana Gallery, Missoula, Montana.

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   Neil Patterson OPAM, ASA, SFCA, SCA, RMPAP

"I paint what I love and see around me, scenes that speak to me, places I want to explore. I try to capture moments of light, colour and atmosphere which spark my imagination. I want to create my own personal version of reality and entice the viewer to share it with me."
"A photograph is what it is; a painting is what you want it to be."

Born 1947 in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

1969-1972 University of Calgary, Calgary, AB
Charles Movalli Workshop
The Scottsdale Artists' School, Scottsdale, AZ
Ted Goerschner Master Class, CA

2016 Canada House Gallery, Banff, AB
2014 Master's Gallery, Calgary, AB
2014 The Artym Gallery, Invermere, BC
2013 Canada House Gallery, Banff, AB
2013 The University Club, New York, NY
2012 Master's Gallery, Calgary, AB
2011 Canada House Gallery, Banff, AB
2010 Master's Gallery, Calgary, AB
2009 Canada House Gallery, Banff, AB
2008 Master's Gallery, Calgary, AB
2001-2007 Canada House Gallery, Banff, AB
2005-2006 Master's Gallery, Calgary, AB
2004-2006 West End Gallery, Edmonton, AB
2002 West End Gallery, Edmonton, AB
2001 Adele Campbell Fine Art, Whistler BC
2000 Pacific Gallery, Saskatoon, SK
1999-2003 Master's Gallery, Calgary, AB
1999 Buffalo Trails, Big Fork, MT
1999 Scott Gallery, Edmonton, AB
1998-1999 Canada House Gallery, Banff, AB
1997 Tutt Street Gallery, Kelowna, BC
1995-1997 Master's Gallery, Calgary, AB
1995 Medicine Hat Museum, Medicine Hat, AB
1993 Master's Gallery, Calgary, AB
1987 Wallace Gallery, Calgary, AB
1983 Kiln Gallery, Bragg Creek, AB
1982 Renaissance Gallery, Calgary, AB
1979 Quest Gallery, Calgary, AB
1979 Walsh Gallery, Red Deer, AB
1978 Muttart Gallery, Calgary, AB
1978 Sequoia Gallery, Edmonton, AB
1975 Canadian Guild of Crafts, Toronto, ON
1975 History of Ceramics in Alberta, Calgary & Edmonton, AB
1974 Rubiyat Gallery, Calgary, AB


2018 Gu Yuan Art Museum, Zhuhai, Guangdong, China
2018 The Artym Gallery, Invermere, BC
2016-2017 Reinert Fine Art Gallery, SC
2016 Canada House Gallery, Banff, AB
2016 The Artym Gallery, Invermere, BC
2016 Shaoguan City Art Academy, Shaoguan, Guangdong, China
2016 Danxiashan Exhibition, Danxia Mountains, Guangdong, China
2015 Zhiwei Tu Art Museum, Wengyuan County, Guangdong, China
2014 Salmagundi Club, New York, NY
2014 Zhiwei Tu Art Museum, Wengyuan County, Guangdong, China
2014 Shaoguan Art Exhibition Hall, Shaoguan, Guangdong, China
2014 Shenzhen University Museum, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
2000-2014 Oil Painters of America
2012-2014 Western Art Show, Calgary, AB
1994-2013 CM Russell, Great Falls, MT
2012-2013 Federation of Canadian Artists
1999-2012 Alicat Gallery, Bragg Creek, AB
2011 Desheng International Canvas Week Exhibition, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong, China
2011 Kwan Wu Sculpture Art Museum, Nanhai, Guangdong, China
2011 Wengshan Institute of Poetry, Calligraphy and Painting, Longxian, Guangdong, China
2011 Shaoguan Art Exhibition Hall, Shaoguan, Guangdong, China
2010 Western Art Show, Calgary, AB
2008-2009 Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painters
2006 Longxian Art Exhibition, Longxian, Guangdong, China
2006 Shaoguan Museum Exhibition, Shaoguan, Guangdong, China
2005-2006 Dana Gallery, Missoula, MT
2005 Canada House Gallery, Banff, AB
2004-2005 Snow Fire, Estes Park, CO
2004-2005 West End Gallery, Edmonton, AB
2004-2005 Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painters
2001-2003 Canada House Gallery, Banff, AB
2000-2001 Adele Campbell Fine Art, Whistler, BC
2000 Western Art Show, Calgary, AB
2000 Federation of Canadian Artists
1999 Plein Air Invitational, Carmel, CA
1999 Pacific Gallery, Saskatoon, SK
1999 Arts for the Parks
1998 Federation of Canadian Artists
1998 Tutt Street Gallery, Kelowna, BC
1998 Adele Campbell Fine Art, Whistler, BC
1998 Salmagundi Club, New York, NY
1997-1998 Oil Painters of America
1997-1998 Glenbow Museum, Calgary, AB
1997-1998 Western Art Show, Calgary, AB
1995-1997 Arts for the Parks
1997 Hillcrest International Exhibition, CA
1996 Hammond Galleries, OH
1994-1995 Oil Painters of America
1993-1994 Salmagundi Club, New York, NY
1992-1994 Scottsdale Artists' School, Scottsdale, AZ
1991-1993 Federation of Canadian Artists
1992 Oil Painters of America
1990 Alberta College of Art, Calgary, AB
1990 IBM, Banff, AB
1989-1990 State of the Arts Beaver House, Edmonton, AB
1987-1990 Sunshine Village, Banff, AB
1988-1990 Alberta Society of Artists
1985-1986 Alberta Society of Artists
1983-1990 Leighton Centre, Calgary, AB
1988 Olympic Organizing Committee, Calgary, AB
1983 Western Art Show, Calgary, AB
1981 Muttart Gallery, Calgary, AB
1978-1980 Bragg Creek Artisans, Bragg Creek, AB
1977 Annex Gallery, Calgary, AB
1976 Glenbow Museum, Calgary, AB
Best of Plein Air Laguna Plein Air Painters


Alberta Art Foundation
Alberta Government Telephones
Alberta Housing Corporation
Alberta Treasury Branch
Alberta Wheat Pool
Amoco Canada
ATCO Enterprises
Black & Company
Canada Utilities
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
CJ Campbell
Coles Nikiforuk Pennel
CP Rail
Donghua Buddhist Temple
Esso Resources
Government of Longxian
Government of Shaoguan
Government of Guangdong
Gruman, Brown & Crossfield
Heritage Hotels
Heritage Savings and Trust
Home Oil
Howard Mackie
Mcleod Dixon
Milner Fenerty
Northern Telecom
Olympic Organizing Committee 1988
Ogilvie & Company
Pioneer Oil & Gas
Royal Bank of Canada
Shaoguan Art Museum
Shaoguan University
Stanford Perrott
Sunshine Village
University of Calgary
Wengshan Institute of Poetry, Calligraphy and Painting
Zhiwei Tu Art Museum


2018 Painting Demonstration, Gu Yuan Art Museum, Zhuhai, China
2017 Visiting Professor and Painting Demonstration, Shaoguan University, Shaoguan, China
2015 Golden Brush Award, Oil Painters of America
2008-2014 President, Oil Painters of America
2002-2014 Member, Board of Directors, Oil Painters of America
2013 Honorary Membership, Society of Canadian Artists
2013 Painting Demonstration, Zhiwei Tu Art Museum, Wengyuan, China
2012 Lifetime Achievement Award, Federation of Canadian Artists
2006-2007 Vice-President, Oil Painters of America
2002 Award of Excellence Second Place, Everett Raymond Kinstler
2001 Juror of Awards, Oil Painters of America, Springville, UT
2000 Awarded Master Signature Member, Oil Painters of America
1999 Top 100, Art for the Parks
1996-1998 Top 200, Art for the Parks
1995 Top 100, Art for the Parks
1993 Elected Artist Member, Salmagundi Club, New York, NY
1993 Non-member Show, Salmagundi Club, New York, NY
1993 Signature Member, Federation of Canadian Artists
1992 Premier National Juried Exhibition, Oil Painters of America, Chicago, IL
1991 Finalist, Artist Magazine Landscape Competition
1991 Robert Genn Award, Federation of Canadian Artists
1987-1989 Sunshine Village Purchase Awards
1988 Gifts for Dignitaries, Olympic Organizing Committee
1984 Membership, Alberta Society of Artists
1978 Mural Commission, Petro-Chemical Plant, Joffrey, AB
Co-chair Exhibitions, Oil Painters of America
Signature Advisory Board Chair, Oil Painters of America
First Canadian awarded Signature Member, Oil Painters of America
Signature Membership, Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painters
Honorary Advisor, Wengshan Institute of Poetry, Calligraphy and Painting, Longxian, China


2013-2018 Zhiwei Tu Art Museum Publications
2006 The Artist's Magazine, December
2006 Art of the West
2005 Art Avenue Magazine
2005 100 Ways to Paint Still Life & Florals
2001 Art Avenue Magazine
2000 Report News Magazine, July
2000 CFCN Television
1999 International Artist Magazine
1995 The Best of Flower Painting: North Light Books, Cincinnati
1993 Access Television Network
1991 The Artist's Magazine, December
1990 Signature Magazine Cover, Edmonton
1990 ATCO Enterprises, Christmas Card
1985 CTV Network News
1985 CFCN Television
1982 The Calgary Herald
1975 The History of Ceramics in Alberta
1975 Red Deer Advocate
1975 Mountaineer, Rocky Mountain House
1973 Tactile Magazine, March/April
1962 Observer Magazine
Art of the West Magazine USA
Southwest Art USA
Plein Air Magazine USA
Connoisseur Magazine USA
Cowboys and Indians Magazine USA
Liliedahl Video Productions (3 DVD's)
Design and Composition: Secrets of Professional Artists


Salmagundi Club, New York, NY
Master Signature Member, Oil Painters of America (OPA)
Signature Member, Alberta Society of Artists (ASA)
Signature Member, Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA)
Honorary Member, Society of Canadian Artists
Signature Member, Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painters (RMPAP)
Tucson Plein Air Painters
Laguna Plein Air Painters
California Club
Plein Air Painters of Alberta
National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society

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   S. Carlyle Smith

Born 1955 and raised in Utah then moved to Montana where he has lived and painted for over 34 years.
I'm fascinated with the 1930-1950's. The period was rich in design. I use old black and white vintage snapshots of candid, common events. None of my images are of re-enacted events; all actually happened. They are common settings, just uncommon that the photos survived. We still live much the way they did back then. Most of the situations in these scenes are universal, timeless, and cross-cultural; as much as the world has changed. Relationships and love are timeless. This period is when America was more respected internationally. These images evoke a nostalgic feeling, although my paintings have a contemporary relevance and color palette. I chose images that reflect something I am experiencing. Coincidentally, a few photos taken of women before I was born resemble present day muses of mine. Muses bring about an emotion that energize my paintings. Sometimes happy, sometimes sad. Nonetheless a passion that imparts a magic that surpasses the conscious.

His work has been featured three times in U.S. Art Magazine including one "Editor's Choice". Twice in Southwest Art Magazine including "Artist to Watch", American Art Collector Magazine and in Classic Style Magazine. His works are in private and corporate collections in the U.S. and abroad.

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   Rob Stern

Rob Stern grew up on a small ranch near Billings, Montana. He was surrounded and influenced by the colors, smells and traditions of the old west. He credits his grandfather, a true cowboy, as the most influential person in his life. From the time Rob was able to pick up a pencil he began to draw everything around him.

After high school Rob went on to study at the University of Montana where he received a B.S. in Business Marketing and a minor in Liberal Arts. After college, Rob worked mainly in the commercial art industry creating graphics and designs for companies such as Coldwater Creek, The United States Olympic Committee, Nacona Boots, and The Denver Zoo, to name a few.

As time passed his surroundings as a youth kept bubbling to the surface and eventually he decided to dedicate his art career to the old west. Never the traditionalist, Rob set about representing his roots in a way that no one had. His work has been described as haunting, ghostly...a romantic view through the fog of history. Although his favorite medium is oil on canvas, Rob is widely considered one of the finest serigraphers in the country, specializing in his signature mixed media serigraphs on hand made bark paper. He describes his process as "difficult and unforgiving, but there is no medium I know of that better creates the mood and grit of the old west."

Rob Stern resides in Whitefish, Montana, where he owns and operates his own gallery, Samarah Fine Art. Rob's passions are his children, Sammy and Sarah, after whom his gallery is named.

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   Sally Vannoy

Sally Vannoy lives in Bigfork Montana in the beautiful Flathead Valley. Being raised in an environment surrounded with towering mountain ranges, pristine rivers and lakes and an abundance of wildlife has helped shape Sally into the artist she is today.

Sally grew up on a horse ranch and has ridden horses and had an affinity for animals since a very young child. Her paintings include horses, wildlife and the natural landscape. "I like to think of my paintings as a journal of my life. I paint my actual experiences and adventures. This brings a real connection to each painting because the stories and feelings from these experiences are reflected in the piece."

Being just a short drive away, Glacier National Park is a place where Sally consistently spends a lot of her time. "I had the opportunity to work in Glacier for an entire summer. I was fortunate to live at Lake McDonald Lodge. All of my time off was spent exploring, climbing peaks and really getting to know the park. I always loved Glacier National Park, but this took my love to new heights!"

Drawing is second nature to Sally. She has been drawing ever since she could hold a pencil. A pivotal point in Sally's life and career was when she moved to the Wind River Valley in Wyoming for 4 years for her husband's work. Although being an accomplished draftsman, painting was a new endeavor. In Wyoming, Sally met some of the country's premiere western artists whom she now calls mentors and friends. With no formal training, her mentors saw her raw talent and extremely hard work ethic and took her under their wing.

You will often find Sally painting en plein air in some of her favorite locations in Northwest Montana. Her love for animals and the environment are gracefully depicted in oils on canvas. "Fine art is the perfect career path for me. Art gives an opportunity for continued growth, learning and progression. One can always attain a new level of excellence. For me, art is not a choice - it is part of who I am."